Plastering Testimonial: Chinley, High Peak

Removal of an archway in a bathroom to make the opening back into a square, creating a little more light and room in a property in Whitehough, Chinley. Also dot and dab of an uneven wall in the pantry area and plaster skim to a flat smooth finish.

You are an honourable exception - and that is worth a lot!

Critical things (as appear to me) are: (a) the ability to do jobs large and small (b) to respond quickly to queries (c) to keep the client in the loop if and when delays occur and (d) to do a good job.

Our experience has been (a) people don't respond to a query and as client you don't know where you stand - as you know you are an honourable exception - and that is worth a lot. Tidiness and so on should be a 'for-granted' - but not always - again worth emphasizing.

Will readily recommend.

Brian Rarity, Whitehough, Chinley, High Peak: September 2015

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