Replastered ceilings with Edwardian Corniche: Mellor, Stockport

Overboarding and replastering of a bedroom and lounge ceiling in a property on Longhurst Lane, Mellor. Both ceilings were badly cracked and taking down the old ceilings was an option. However, due to an ornate Edwardian plaster corniche in situ, both the customer and I were very concerned that this could be damaged and possibly collapse. The solution was to overboard the ceiling with new plasterboard and use a stop-bead to create a neat edge up against the corniche without compromising its integrity. This made it a straight foreward job to finish with a smooth plaster skim without any damage to the historic corniche feature.

Stop-bead up against Edwardian corniche
Stop-bead up against Edwardian corniche.
Overboarding of ceiling to protect sensitive corniche
Overboarding of ceiling to protect sensitive corniche.
Mellor Edwardian ceiling replastered
Mellor Edwardian ceiling replastered.
Replastered without damage to historic corniche
Replastered without damage to historic corniche.

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